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After a few years of living and working in Australia and Ireland, my love for food and photography took me to Paris. In this food crazy city, I could mold my passion into mouthwatering images and recipes and started to work as a freelancer.

Through the past years I have worked with various brands and publishers, wrote a number of cookbooks and developed recipes for magazines and advertising clients.

Always inspired by great produce, local food markets and international trends, I continue my food journey from Berlin where I am currently living.
If you are looking for tasty food images, food styling or new recipes, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Clients :
Gräfe und Unzer Verlag | Éditions Larousse | Éditions First Gründ | Solar Editions | Easy Food Magazine
Mondadori (Top Santé) | Aldi Süd | Bio Company | Dr. Oetker Deutschland & Österreich | Wasa International | Carl Wilhelm Clasen GmbH | American Pistachio Growers | August Storck KG | Intermarché | Carrefour Group